About FTC Tricks

FTC Tricks (inspired by CSS Tricks, a site for web developers) is a collection of tips, tricks, and tutorials for people involved with the FIRST Tech Challenge, a robotics competition for 7-12th grade students. We hope to bridge the gap between teams “in the know” and those starting out.

Our goal is to provide:

  • Shopping lists, to make sure you have the best materials for your money,
  • Information and guides for your hardware,
  • Snippets of code to get things moving, and
  • All-around best practices, so you can learn from others’ mistakes.


Want to contribute?

If you’re interested in contributing content to this site — and we hope you are — send a message to team@ftc-tricks.com with a topic you’re interested in writing about, and an outline of the content. You’ll be credited as the author at the bottom of the post, with whatever (appropriate) biography you’d like.


Who are we?

The site is hosted and edited by AJ Foster, an FTA for the Tesla Robotics League in Orlando, FL. If you have a lesson to share with other teams, sign on as a contributor and be a part of the FTC Tricks team.

This site is run independently from FIRST and the FIRST Tech Challenge. It doesn’t receive any support from them, nor does it necessarily reflect their views.