Modern Robotics v2.0 Firmware Update

Modern Robotics has created a Firmware Update program to improve the functionality of their Core Control modules. The basic deal is that you send them your hardware (more modules at once = lower price per module) and they’ll update the firmware, reprogram the ports, and check functionality. It’s something you’ll want to do before the season, if possible, and definitely not right before a competition.

You can check the current version of the firmware using the Core Device Discovery application by plugging your Core Power Distribution Module directly into your laptop. After the update, all modules should have firmware version 2.0.

See the official update program page for details, pricing, and turnaround times.

AJ Foster

AJ is a Field Technical Advisor in Orlando, FL. He enjoys teaching concepts related to the FIRST Tech Challenge, helping teams at competitions, and making the things he learns accessible to everyone.